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Healing Ceremony



Frank Fools Crow was a Lakota Holy Man who taught that to become a great Healer, you must become like a "hollow bone". We are often called to help heal ourselves or others. Great Spirit flows through our bones as a healing energy to receive for ourselves,

or to give to others.



Smudging is a universal practice known to religions throughout the world. Smudging is a cleansing of the spirit or aura. It releases all congested energy of spirit, thoughts and emotion to then to be in sacred space. It is a process of re-aligning the energy field through the use of  burning herbs such as Sage, Sweet Grass or Cedar. Sage is most commonly used, also Cedar as it most effectively displaces disharmony and opens space for harmony. Using Sweet Grass is known to attract good energy. We smudge ourselves and all sacred objects used in ceremonies.

crystal rock 2.jpeg

Rainbow Crystal Healing

Throughout ancient history, Crystals and Gemstones have been used as a source of healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual energetics of the body. There is no scientific evidence that they heal the physical body; however, people report a shift in consciousness that leads to healing on all levels. The cells of the body contain the same energy as in Crystals. Science acknowledges the power of Crystals as used in our watches and electronics. There are mineral crystals even in our foods and medicines. Crystals are similar to magnets how they attract and repel energy. When Crystals for healing are used on the body or with the chakra system, they can transform energy to then be in a better state of harmony.

Sound Healing


Drums, Rattles and Flutes are used to help you go into a calm, relaxed state. Chants, songs, tones or other musical instruments can be used. These vibrations take you out of ordinary consciousness and open you to loving intent from the Healer and the Universe. The most effective way would be to lie down on Mother Earth. Peace sets in that travels thorough the heart, into the bones and fills the Soul. It is chance to let go of what no longer serves as positive. It expands inward, then outward to the Circles beyond and to the Earth Mother herself. Sound can be used as a Smudging out negative energy, or to call in new vibrations to fill the person with Luminous Light.

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Drum Healing.jpg

Sacred Pipe Healing

This Pipe Healing is done to release negativity and wounds that are stored in the body, mind, emotions and spirit. A trained Pipe Carrier does this healing with their Sacred Prayer Pipe, blowing the smoke as the breath of Creator across the body, releasing the energy out the feet. Several Sacred Herbs are lit and smudged. Then the Blessing is done, as the smoke blows over your being bringing in healing, love, light and peace.

Life Transition Pipe Healing

This Pipe Healing is very similar to the above Sacred Pipe Healing. It still offers the same healing, except that it helps to release the Spirit from the body. The actual person has already passed into Spirit, but the healing is virtually offered to help them let go of the physical body. People may request this Pipe Healing for their loved one who has passed on by offering love, peace, kindness and healing.

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